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Reconnecting You With Your Timeless Shamanic Spiritual Lineage And Awakening Your Shamanic DNA

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The Online Host Site For - Spiritual Reconciliation Australia - By The People For The People

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Video Above: Australia's New National Anthem - For the people, by the people.

“The Shaman is in this world but not of this world”

Scientific evidence and historical research confirms that at the core of every human experience, every person on Mother Earth is connected at the universal spiritual DNA level to the original source of all universal creation and the traditional foundation of global shamanic consciousness. 

In this moment of human evolution a much larger number of people sensing their connection to universal shamanic consciousness than has ever been required in the past, are present in form on mother earth to help heal the damage caused by the soul separation experienced in the long term creation of the global village. 

Higher levels of shamanic consciousness than have ever been experienced on Earth before will continue to arrive in human form on earth everyday until the moment of balanced restructuring in the global village paradigm is reached and progressed to be evidenced as the singular union of conscious soul reliant on a healthy Mother Earth as the foundation living consciousness requires to recognise as One Radiant Energy Being originating from the source of all creation.

The initiated shaman’s role in society

  • Transcend the immediate need of an individual life or individual survival need, to embrace the core universal nature of life force energy [SOUL] - - which means to bare witness as being Unified Soul in all things without separation in form.
  • Transcend the limitations of the linear space time paradigm [a beginning & end in form] to combine past, present & future as THE CREATIVE COMMON GROUND IN CONTINUUM – which means the shaman exhibits an expanded vision beyond space, time & form into the resolute experience of a relative singularity in formlessness.
  • Transcend all/any personal vision, to become the conscious experience and outward expression of the united singular whole, without attachment and remaining in allowance of all/every outcome.

The Individual appearance of Shamanic Consciousness in form

  • Parent, teacher, provider, philosopher, healer, doctor, entrepreneur, minister, mystic, seer, entertainer, creator, care giver, sorcerer, street sweeper, leader. 
  • The shaman is constantly active in progressing shamanic wisdom and knowledge in the public arena and is always involved in the evolving phases of universal consciousness exampled by human conditioning.

The Collective Positioning of Shamans [spiritual bandwidth & frequencies] 

  • Localised level - One Tribe – leadership, teaching, initiation, healing [lower] 
  • National – Community level – leadership, ceremony, culture [middle] 
  • Universal level – Non-local, Non-physical [upper]

Q: What is Australian Shamanism?

A: Australian Shamanism is an exemplar in global spiritual reconciliation! Australian Shamanism is an original soul level healing collective of Aboriginal & Non–Aboriginal Australians united as a singular indigenous spiritual collective, who care deeply enough about the damage caused to Australia's long term Dreamtime Spiritual ancestry [Dreamtime is the oldest surviving spiritual philosophy on Mother Earth]  to progress the cause of deep and lasting spiritual healing and union in Australia through the Message Stick Symbols of the Australian Dreamtime Alphabet.

Q: What is the Dreamtime Alphabet? 

A: The Dreamtime Alphabet is an easily recognisable and clearly defined physical evidence based bridge between Dreamtime past present and future to advance understanding and the pure spiritual experience of Dreamtime Spiritual Consciousness. Through its unique appearance in human consciousness and the defined messages it delivers to the people of earth the Dreamtime Alphabet provides everyone a collective global vision of the expanded cosmic consciousness that is relative to the traditions of global shamanism. Global witnesses of human rights and the process of international spiritual reconciliation all report that the Australian Dreamtime Alphabet was delivered into the realm of human consciousness during an extensive and progressive spiritual healing process in Australia [1966, Vincent Lingiari - to - 2000, Millennium Games] through Dreamtime Spirit Guide ‘Flying Eagle’ at the start of 1999. Today it stands firm as a confirmed national spiritual treasure memorialised as a collective spiritual artefact. learn more here

The Australian Dreamtime Alphabet is on display for the world to see and it forms the solid spiritual foundation of absolute truth and pure trust in the creative source of Dreamtime spiritual knowledge & wisdom that is a sacred and integral part of every Australian home and family.

Video Above: Uncle Bob Randall and Kevin James Carroll bring Our Kanyini, home to rest. 

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