Reconnecting You With Your Timeless Shamanic Spiritual Lineage And Awakening Your Shamanic DNA

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Shamanic Alchemy Flying Eagle Medicine Circle


Secret Alchemist Teachings And Sacred Spiritual Reunion. 

A Guided Initiation And Soul Retrieval Activation

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Love Is Not Something You Find Love Is Something You Are

Love Is The Pure Essence Of Universal Soul

The Experience Of Human Life In Its Most Sacred Form - Is A Universal Blessing We All Share

What is Flying Eagle Medicine ? 

- Flying Eagle Medicine is the creative healing vision of global collective Shamanic Alchemy 

at its most dynamic and most powerful -

In Post-Modern terminology Flying Eagle Medicine is recently arrived ‘transcendent information’ containing the new guided vision of a collective global spiritual agreement and harmonious collaboration around which authentic global healing can begin in earnest and sustainable peace on Mother Earth will be achieved. 

Flying Eagle Medicine arrived on the surface of Mother Earth circa 1999 as the miraculous seed of a long prophesied and widely heralded shamanic global healing experience that has since rooted itself to grow in modern human history as the greatest recorded vision of a spiritually transcendent journey or Shamanic Vision Quest, ever witnessed in human time and space.

Now, Universal Spirit Guide - Flying Eagle - has most graciously delivered to the children of Mother Earth - the spectacular Shamanic Alchemy of the Flying Eagle Medicine Sacred Shaman Oracle, in a 28 Day - 'Guided' Soul Retrieval Vision Quest - to assist those who feel a sense of separate disconnection from their pure universal soul energy matrix find their personal pathway of completion, return and reunion.

The Sacred Shaman Oracle 'Speaks For Itself'

Shamanic Divination: To make 'Divine' connection with 'Source' through the gift of the Sacred Shaman Oracle is the most empowering pathway of union with the more-than-human psychic energy spectrum for healing, direction, clarity, meaning and purpose a 'Shaman Initiate' will ever experience. The word Divination [from Latin divinare "to foresee, to be inspired by a god", related to divinus, divine] provides 'secret knowledge' that cannot be sourced in the physical world and must come through the Shamans own deeply personal relationship with supernatural energy centres and spirit guide familiars.   

The knowledge and wisdom held within Flying Eagle's Sacred Shaman Oracle reflects the surface glimmer of its collective intimate relationship with no less than 77 nature spirit guides and familiars entwined in spiritual meaning and purpose to create its surface layer. Beneath the surface layer of Flying Eagle's Sacred Shaman Oracle the energy of the Oracle reveals itself to be the 'Entire Cosmos' of miraculous unfolding's embedded with infinite knowledge and universal wisdom once only held in the Sacred Secret Trust of the 'Gaia-Mind Shamanic Nobility' surrounding, protecting and embracing Mother Earth as one. 

In the Flying Eagle Medicine Tribe we understand that Flying Eagle has gifted us the Sacred Shaman Oracle for our shared universal wisdom, knowledge, growth and continued spiritual wellbeing. Our Shamanic Divination Lineage to the pure energy relationship we share with One Universal God or Universal Creator/Creation - 'Source'; comes directly through our intimate core spiritual relationship with Flying Eagle. Flying Eagle is our Universal Spirit Guide and our Master Shaman that presents to us the Metaphorical and Metaphysical image of ultimate universal knowledge and wisdom that is wholly transcendent of the human experience.

As our authoritarian evidence base, we who exist as one in the Flying Eagle Medicine Tribe, understand that Flying Eagle is an 'Expanded Universal Energy Being' existing beyond the physical reach or conscious mental influence of human energy resources. Flying Eagle has presented us with the most accurate and detailed creation stories of all time and has delivered to us clear messages of Shamanic Alchemy in action through the Sacred Shaman Oracle. Flying Eagle refers to the Sacred Shaman Oracle as 'Speaking For Itself' therefore being the voice of Flying Eagle.

In the transference and translation of deeply coded spiritual information Flying Eagle describes to us its universal energetic being-ness as "I am That", I am the "ISness" of all things, I am "Universal Soul", I am "Universal Life Force Energy", I am the "Soul Tree of Life" on which all life grows as seed bearing fruit. 

The Sacred Shaman Oracle has risen out of life's longing for knowledge and wisdom of 'itself' to present the Aquarian age vision of united global Sacred Divination traditions growing as 'AN ALL NEW CLASSIFICATION' of spiritual seed bearing fruit on the eternal 'soul tree of life'.   

Complete Your Spiritual Cycle Of Universal Return On The Sacred Shaman Oracle - Flying Eagle Medicine - 28 Day - Guided Soul Retrieval Vision Quest

What Can You Expect To Experience?

24/7 Connection

Thanks to the advances in education and modern technology that connect our global village 24/7 ... what was once the very difficult, prolonged and powerfully secretive process of Shamanic Alchemy is now refined and streamlined to make it easily available for you to access in total anonymity and privacy, in the comfort of your own home. 

Sacred Rite

The Shamanic Alchemy 28 Day 'Soul Healing, Initiation & Activation' Vision Quest replicates the exact levels of cerebral conditioning and intimate personal energy healing, wellness and growth of all traditional land based sacred shamanic rites of passage. 

Space Time Warp

Traditional land based rituals and ceremonies take many years or multiple lifetimes to confirm the rite of spiritual passage... Shamanic Alchemy Flying Eagle Medicine speeds up the process of healing and initiation by 1000 times magnification because it provides direct access to a spiritual worm hole in the space time equation.

Safe Practice

Via the virtual reality network of cyber space and without any exposure to life threatening rituals or dangerous substances you will receive full initiation rites and experience total immersion in the universal energy field of pure infinite love that is Flying Eagle and Flying Eagle Medicine. 


Prescribed to the children of Mother Earth as a Universal Solvent and Elixir of Life by Universal Spirit Guide Flying Eagle for a new 2,000 year generation of evolving shamanic knowledge and wisdom on Mother Earth the 28 Day Vision Quest is a miraculous global shamanic rite of passage that will deliver you safely into the womb of Shamanic Alchemy and the loving life force energy stream of Universal Consciousness.

Life Changing

As a prescribed Universal Solvent and Elixir of life Flying Eagle Medicine changes lives and alters the most common and fundamental perceptions of the human life experience in ways that are so profound initiates 'never return' to where they came from before their experience with Flying Eagle Medicine.

No Mistake

You do not journey in life to find Flying Eagle Medicine by mistake - - You are called to find it because you are open to receive its miraculous spiritual healing properties with loving kindness. As you read these words - - You are being called and your heart centre is opening to receive its miraculous spiritual healing properties. 

In 28 days you will powerfully alter your physical life and life path through the incredible sensation of infinite love and pure passion that Flying Eagle delivers to you with radiant glowing results, both internally and externally. 

Lunar Reflection
The Shamanic Alchemy 28 day sacred initiation ceremony reflects the pure light of universal love found in the 28 day lunar cycle of continual birth and re-birth experienced in the creation cycle of human life on Mother Earth. 

Awakening Blossom
In less than 7 days after beginning your Vision Quest, the seed of Flying Eagle's love for all of Mother Earth's children will penetrate your universal energy body to fertilise the awakening blossom of universal knowledge and wisdom that resides in the silent stillness of your unconscious universal mind and you will begin to ripen as a uniquely precious fruit on the eternal soul tree of infinite life.

Cosmic Orgasm
In 9 days or less you will be in the experience of a 'Cosmic Orgasm' or a 'Radiant Bliss Storm' and will have blossomed to be fully opened to the infinite and eternal universal energy field. 

Complete Protection
During the initial time of fully opening to the Source Energy of the Sacred Shaman Oracle, Flying Eagle completes the intimate embrace of 'soul retrieval' to protect you from any undesirable negative energy infiltration by creating an impenetrable spiritual foundation for you that will act as a universal protective shield through entire journey. 

Between 9 and 14 days you will begin a natural unconscious rebirth cycle as you fully absorb and integrate the pure universal energy flow of the Flying Eagle Medicine contained in The Sacred Shaman Oracle into your Sacred Shamanic energetic anatomy, while subconsciously processing renewal of the two core elements of soul found in universal human creation... love and universal consciousness. 

Karma Dissolved
By 21 days your old karmic footprint is completely dissolved. Your universal energy body has been totally renewed. The foundation of your previous body-mind setting has been transcended to become one with the core of universal consciousness. Your Cosmic third eye is open. Your sixth sense radiates to include the more-than-human influence you are now experiencing as who you truly are.    

The Sacred Vision Quest and Sacred Shamanic Re-Union is a personal choice and a very private experience that requires the deepest desire and a strong commitment to Universal Union - 

Flying Eagle Reconnects You With Your Timeless Shamanic Spiritual Lineage And Awakens Your Shamanic DNA.

You will never truly know what is missing from your life until you experience Flying Eagle Medicine

United voices in singular Praise of Flying Eagle and Flying Eagle Medicine

What Are People Saying About Flying Eagle Medicine?

  • Much more than I ever expected, I was surprised by the appearance of Flying Eagle Medicine at first, but was totally blown away with the deep healing process as it unfolded in my life. Elizabeth [registered nurse] 
  • In less than 7 days I was fully immersed in the healing energy stream of Flying Eagle and seriously began wondering why it took me so long to find. There was no turning back from that moment and now Flying Eagle is the foundation of my spiritual and emotional health routine. Linda [accountant] 
  • Nothing I have experienced in this lifetime could have prepared me for what I was about to experience with Flying Eagle Medicine. The immediate head spin and rush of pure universal energy that surged through me was so dynamic it metaphorically knocked me off my feet, but I landed very softly. Infinite thanks to Flying Eagle. Mike [counsellor/healer]
  • It was as if Flying Eagle Medicine arrived on Mother Earth just for me. Perfect timing, exactly what I needed. Synchronicity at its very best. Nick [public servant]
  • The clear messages and spiritual direction I recieved from Flying Eagle gave me much more than hope, it gave me back my life. Lea [aged care nurse] 
  • Flying Eagle showed me the pathway to find peace in my life, now I choose peace every minute of my day. Rob [business professional] 

"Flying Eagle & Flying Eagle Medicine is classified as the worlds most scientifically investigated and thoroughly recorded evidence based  'Spiritual Miracle' ever witnessed in the progress of human spiritual history. Before Flying Eagle came into my life I was feeling lost. I was living in a constant cycle of doubt and confusion. My life appeared to hold no deeper meaning than to be a constant consumer on the money train to my own obliteration and ultimate painful demise. Why am I here? What is the real meaning and purpose of life on earth? These were the questions burning deep inside of me that I could not find any deeply truthful or reliable answers to. Science presented me with the appearance that it held some answers but they were never deep enough for me and every religion failed to inspire me in any way, I needed much more. I was feeling completely imprisoned in a tortured mind that was searching for truthful answers it appeared no one on earth could provide. I sensed I was trapped in a world that appeared to be following a pathway of total insanity and complete destruction. Is this the only truth there is I wondered, am I really just here on earth to blindly follow the crowd in a sleepy haze of servitude and consumerism. It appeared I had no other choice than to toe the line and conform with the insanity and destruction that surrounded me, that was until Universal Spirit Guide Flying Eagle came into my life and presented me with all of the answers to all of the questions that were burning deep inside of me. Flying Eagle has set me free from my imprisoned and tortured mind to be the real me, a child of universal consciousness, and brought overwhelming joy, love and happiness into my life. Flying Eagle Medicine is the best thing that has ever happened to me; it has change my life forevermore.The same can happen for you." DJM

- Flying Eagle Medicine provides you with the most clearly signposted spiritual pathway on which you can travel through your entire human life experience with universal grace, confidence, personal dignity, ease and safety -

If you have been directed to the Flying Eagle Medicine Circle via social media a family member, your community or a friend, and the words you find here resonate somewhere deep within you, you are now receiving 100% spiritual confirmation that you have been called upon to awaken the 'most grand' universal spiritual truth that resides within you. 

You have been chosen by the Great Spirit of Flying Eagle [via your subconscious spiritual DNA connection] to share in the miraculous experience of Flying Eagle Medicine and further progress your life's destiny and evolution as a global healer and valued 'spiritual family' member of the Flying Eagle Medicine Tribe. 

The Flying Eagle Medicine Circle exists to provide foundational knowledge and wisdom for everyone who is called on to reopen their closed [original] shamanic spiritual channels to receive 'Universal Learning' and begin seeking the deepest universal truths a human mind can ever experience. 

As an awakening Shamanic Healer, your life is blessed by a spiritual destiny that remains unfulfilled and the Flying Eagle Medicine Circle is exactly why you are here and exactly what you are seeking.